Find Your Inner Soloist is all about finding the special solo dancer within YOU! Join Colleen as she shows you how to bring expression and emotion to your dance as a soloist! This will air live on Saturday, 19 Sep 20 and will be available for later viewing.


This workshop is only $20 for members ($25 for non-members) and will be offered by video link!

Please see our tickets page to purchase your ticket!

These two GREAT workshops are still available! These workshops will be offered entirely online via a video link so you can take them from the comfort and safety of your home!

Each workshop is only $20 for members and $25 for non-members! Or you can take BOTH for a special price of $35 for members and $45 for non-members.

Please see our tickets page to purchase your tickets!

Devin Alfather will be offering a very special class in her fabulous and fluid tribal fusion style!  This workship was originally presented 9 May 2020. Registered students will be provided with a link to download the video.

This Fusion Bellydance workshop combines fundamental movements into brain-melting combinations. These playful noodlings culminate in a short choreography, suitable for all levels of dance experience.


Click HERE for a preview of Devin’s amazing work!

Jamie Lynn will be offering Vintage Improvisational Style Level 2!   Students will be provided with the opportunity to refresh or familiarize with Level 1 via video prior to the workshop.  This workshop was originally presented 9 May 2020. Registered students will be provided with a link to download the video.

Click HERE for more information on VIPS!

V.I.P.S. Vintage Improv Performance Style: A Dance Format for Freestyle Cabaret Group Dance

VIPS is an improvisational (not choreographed) Group Dance (or Solo) using America Bellydance movements with visual and auditory cues to transition from move to move. Each movement has a specific cue that indicates that movement will be performed next. The “leader” is the dancer in the foremost front who cues the movements. All dancers may rotate into the leadership position during the course of the dance. The Group Dancers will follow the leaders cues to execute the moves and create the dance in the moment. Hence, every time VIPS is performed, each dance will be unique. The Format is the set of cues that indicate the movement.

In V.I.P.S. Level 2 we will hone the Format of Level 1 plus introduce Leader Changes, Stage Formations and Combinations that can be “plugged” in. Prior experience with Level 1 is recommended, but there will be an intensive review so feel free to join the fun!