OUR NEXT EXCITING WORKSHOP IS SCHEDULED!  Please see the tickets page for ticket information.

Jamie Lynn has created an exciting new format called Vintage Improvisational Performance Style (VIPS) and the Central Texas Belly Dance Association is proud to present it to the public for the first time!  In this workshop, you will learn a vocabulary of vintage and traditional bellydance moves that will allow you, along with your fellow dancers, to deliver an improvisational dance that looks choreographed!

At the Music Editing for Dancers Workshop, attendees will learn the differences between song links and song files and why this is important! You will learn how to identify different music formats, how to convert music between formats and how to trim and blend music using free software easily available online. A computer is not required for this workshop – all content will be demonstrated and students will be given handouts and checklists to take home. The basics of music copyrights will also be discussed.

A HAFLA will follow at FUBAR in Copperas Cove, TX!  7-9 pm.

Aug 2019 workshops