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Milena-Ghayaa (Yvonne) began taking belly dancing lessons with Melissa Bledsoe in 2007 traditional Egyptian/Oriental belly dance. She continued her studies under the direction of Ruya-Gamal for a couple of years. Finally and recently she has continued her dance education under the direction of the great Khaliqa. Her main instruction falls under Egyptian/Oriental bellydance. But her roots have called to her and Zambra Moora has been set on fire within her. You can catch her Zambra solos from time to time at different events. Her mother would dance this “forbidden dance” that she called ”el baile de la gitana” (the gypsy dance). Milena recalls the beautiful stomping, clapping and twirling in their living room. To pursue the love of Zambra, she has taken workshops under Silvia Salamanca and has studied any Zambra Moora dancer she comes across. Belly dance has truly changed Milena’s mind, body, and soul. Her desire is to spread this art to as many who are willing to DANCE!
Vice President
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Janet Adams, better known as Vadoma, has been dancing since age 4. Growing up in Heidelberg, Germany, and originally trained in classical ballet under Henryk Szymczak, she came to belly dance in 1997, although sporadically, due to the military lifestyle. After relocating to Texas in 2008, she consistently focused on belly dance, and has since fallen in love with Improvisational Tribal Style (ATS®/ITS) and Gypsy Fusion. Some of her tutelage and inspiration has come from Ariellah, Reyhan Tuzsuz, Megha Gavin, Frank Farinaro, Sooz, Helena Vlahos, Silvia Salamanca, and Cyndi Cyreigna Elliot, to name a few.

She has just entered her fourth year of teaching mostly ATS® format at Central Texas College, and hopes to gain Fat Chance Belly Dance® Sister Studio status in the near future.

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Public Relations Officer
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Kathy Johnson, also known as Tashlualee’ (meaning traveler), has been learning Oriental and Tribal belly dance and performing with the troop Caravan Boheme since taking her first class in October 2014 and falling in love with the dance form and music. She took her first belly dance class at age 47 and with no prior dance experience outside of dance fitness classes, she demonstrates the accessibility of our dance format to all ages.  She focuses primarily on learning and performing tribal style and has taken tribal classes in Killeen, TX, Austin, TX, and in Tacoma, WA.
Music Director
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Michelle Clark, also known as Mish Mish has been dancing for close to seven years now. She loves the freedom of expression she finds in bellydance and experiments with it’s different forms. She was a former member of the Maidens of Mystery and now works with the group Forte. She’s excited to be working on the music for the association.