About Us

The Central Texas Belly Dance Association is devoted to the variety of dance art forms collectively called Belly Dance. We hold classes and sponsor workshops as well as perform throughout the central Texas area.  No prior experience, skill, or fitness level is required to join our classes or our association and while a willingness to perform is not required, those who chose to perform find ample opportunities and encouragement.

Our association is military and veteran friendly and we are proud to have veterans, including disabled veterans, among our membership.

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If you are interested in having members of the association perform at your event, please contact us through our contact page.

Our soloists represent several different dance styles, including traditional, cabaret, fusion, Turkish, and even goth/dark metal.

Our current association troops are the following:

Maidens of Mystery (Egyptian and Oriental Belly Dance)

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(photo credit: KLMarkert Photography)

Caravan Boheme (Tribal Style Belly Dance)

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caravan boheme


Mystic Silk

mystic silk

(photo credit: Daniel D. Kelch Photography)