Welcome to our Central TX Belly dance Association website! We wish to thank you for your interest in this ancient art form of dance.

Belly dance is many things to many ladies. Body size or shape, height or weight, gender, race, religion doesn’t make any difference for a belly dancer.

This art form has been an earthly experience for me. From shyness I became a bellydancer with added self-esteem and confidence. At almost 62 years of age, I have improved my flexibility, balance, range of motion, and stamina. My memory is better. As we have to learn and remember routines to perform together.

Most of all, I wish each of you the joy we have found belly dancing. And ladies I haven’t even said anything about the wonderful costumes and “bling” we get to wear!

Come join us in joy and fun with belly dancing.Do something your Mom or aunty wouldn’t do but is respectable. Become unstuck in life and feel yourself blossom into the lady you were meant to be! As Emeril use to say on his cooking show, take your life up a notch!